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Going Back more than 60 years

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The company moved to its current location in 2014 due to the need for more space. The location’s dimensions allowed for the remodeling and modernization of the facility’s processing and distribution capabilities.

Our company’s implementation of the H.A.C.C.P. program and the thorough daily U.S.D.A. inspections assure our customers the utmost quality and safety standards of our products.

About the company

Our company is a continuation of a family project that had its beginnings in pre-revolutionary Cuba with our founder and namesake Don José Novo, and was interrupted by the socio-political changes that followed the regime’s rise to power in 1959. After several decades of disenchantment with the country’s political direction Don Novo’s son, José Novo Jr, left his beloved homeland and emigrated to the United States, leaving his son José Novo III in Cuba to continue their family’s project. 

Unfortunately, the family’s patriarch and company’s namesake Don Novo passed away in 2003, leaving the business to his grandson José Novo III; who had already been making artisan hams and sausages from the patio of his home and continued to do so until 2004 when his business and means of production were seized by the Cuban government. This would lead to the family’s forced emigration in 2006 to Miami, Florida, where they would be reunited with the rest of their exiled family. 

Now together once again, father and son were finally able to realize their dreams and founded a small company in 2007. They named their company ‘Don Novo & Son Inc.,’ serving as a commemoration for their father/grandfather and as a way of establishing the foundations for a true family business. 

The company started with just two employees, father and son, in a small rental space that was previously a winery in Miami; but, through their combined passion, dedication, and arduous work, the company began to expand and became set on the path of success. They remained in the original location until they were able to move into the current facility in 2014. The new location’s dimensions allowed for the remodeling and modernization of the facility’s processing and distribution capabilities. New and more efficient machinery is constantly being brought in and installed as a means of keeping up with the increased demand that has occurred throughout the years. The new machinery allows for the company to maintain and guarantee the high quality standards required by our company under the supervision of the USDA. 

More recently, Jose Novo III, the company’s current CEO and President, continued the family tradition and incorporated his two sons into the business, making them the fourth generation involved in the family business.

Meet the team

Jose M. Novo


Jose I. Novo

CEO & President

Michel Mendez

General Manager